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Our Work

How We Do It

Albert Road Art House fills teacher wish lists and compiles art kits with quality supplies according to grade level.

We have also had requests from elementary school counselors wanting to incorporate art into their therapy sessions with struggling students.  Gladly, we are able to help!


Our volunteers dedicate their time to ordering teacher supply requests and making/distributing art kits as best we can to students across North Central Texas.

ART TEACHERS/COUNSELORS: Contact us with your wish list TODAY!  We are happy to place an order for your art supply needs and deliver it to your school. It's really that easy!

Example Art Kits

We GLADLY accept specific supply lists from teachers struggling with underfunding!! All supplies are free of charge and shipped directly to the doorstep!  This has proven to be the most effective way to directly impact art classrooms. 

Elementary School

One art kit may include: 

- Two small canvases

- Non-toxic, washable

tempera paint

- Paintbrushes 

- Markers 

- Crayons

Middle School

One art kit may include:

- Watercolor paint 

- Watercolor paper

- Watercolor brushes 

- Colored pencils 

- Charcoal pencils

High School

One art kit may include: 

- Watercolor paint

- Watercolor paper 

- Watercolor brushes 

- Sketchbook

- Drawing pens

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