Our Work

How We Do It

Albert Road Art House fills teacher wish lists and compiles art kits filled with artist-grade supplies according to grade level.

Our volunteers dedicate their time to ordering teacher requests and making/distributing art kits to students across rural North Central Texas.

The Art Kits

Elementary School

One art kit includes: 

- Two small canvases

- Non-toxic, washable

tempera paint

- Paintbrushes 

- Markers 

- Crayons

Middle School

One art kit includes:

- Watercolor paint 

- Watercolor paper

- Watercolor brushes 

- Colored pencils 

- Charcoal pencils

High School

An art kit includes: 

- Watercolor paint

- Watercolor paper 

- Watercolor brushes 

- Sketchbook

- Drawing pens

While our individual art kits are standard, we also accept specific supply lists from teachers struggling with underfunding!! All supplies are free of charge and shipped directly. 

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“I have children of all socio-economic levels. I have children with special needs, children with parents in jail... so many children with need. you are providing them with opportunity to explore their inner artist.” 


— Jill Coker, 4th Grade Art Teacher at Jacksboro Middle School