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Our Vision

Our Mission

The gift of creativity for every child. 

Recognizing the importance of creativity in both child and adolescent development, Albert Road Art House is dedicated to making visual art accessible to all students in the schools that we serve.  Art has so many proven benefits, among them being increased self-esteem, reduced stress, greater tolerance for others, better decision-making skills, and improved academic performance.


Most of the rural public schools in North Central Texas have limited or no art resources for students due to extremely tight budgets. Consequently, dedicated teachers must often purchase costly supplies out of their own pocket. Through our deliveries, both teachers and students gain access to quality materials such as artist-grade paint, canvases, paper, pencils, pens, clay, etc.  

Our Impact

We at Albert Road Art House are proud to announce that since our inception in 2019, our area impact has expanded from serving 1 school district and 79 students to serving 9 schools and over 2000 students!  The response from teachers has ranged from genuine surprise to emotional gratitude, and to date no request has gone unfulfilled!  Art has given all of these children an outlet, a stress relief, a creative way to express themselves, and more.  Realizing our impact is so important to teachers, counselors, and students has only deepened our dedication to expanding education through art. Please consider a financial donation to help us broaden our impact even further.  

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